We are continuously working on measures to improve our deal screening and onboarding processes. We carry out mandatory company incorporation, financials, and management team and shareholder/director checks at the earliest stage that allows us to identify issues and complete information collection requirements earlier in the process.

This process is carried out by our own internal team of investment analysts who review and require substantiation of all material facts raised by an issuer. In addition, we do not spare any effort in insisting that issuers appoint independent auditors, conduct their own commercial due-diligence, and/or engage market research firms to substantiate their assumptions and claims in their financial projections and business plans.

Finally, we regularly monitor the health of our stable of "funded" deals that provide us with early warning to any potential issues that may arise post-funding.

As described earlier, our thorough deal analysis and investor anchoring process has historically meant that a low 3% of deals get funded as investors understand that there are real risks associated with private investments.

We ensure that our investment opportunities carry prominent risk warnings and that all statements made in the issuer’s investment deck are fair, clear and not misleading. We will continue to review our screening and evaluation processes to minimise risks to investors and to the reputation of our platform. We do not take the trust from our investors for granted and work hard to maintain it.

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