• Since we have released our new Blog page called The Insights, we had to optimise the visual design of the page for different types of text contents including the visual for blockquote element.

  • We have added notification alerts in the My Portfolio section of the Dashboard page so that investors will be able to know if there are any new shareholder updates for the particular company invested through the Fundnel's platform.

  • We've improved the previous activity logging for when Fundraiser submits a fundraising application through Fundnel to also include the activity log for when a Fundraiser deleted his/her fundraising application. 

  • We've added in a new emailer for when a fundraising application submitted the Fundnel platform gets rejected by the team, the Fundraiser will be automatically notified via an automated emailer. 

  • We have also revised our previous Deal Not Found page to attach our Investments team's email address should any potential investors are interested to learn more about the status of the deal or to explore any other live investment opportunities. 


Bug Fixes & Refinements

  • Previously when an investor is trying to show an interest in an investment opportunity on our Deal Room page, the drop down menu for the country codes are not showing the complete list. Now, we have fixed this issue. 

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