Features & Improvements

  • To help our users to determine which one of the live investment deal opportunities that are disclosed and undisclosed, we need to add a new label in the Deal Room page to help further explain to users. 

Disclosed Deals: Deals that are published with the actual company name

Undisclosed Deals: Deals that are published with a masked company name

Bug Fixes & Refinements

  • We've fixed the watermarks that were not showing in documents downloaded from our Deal Room page. To browse through our currently live deals, click here

  • We've also fixed the broken link sent to user who signed up in using their Linkedin account on the email verification emailer. 

  • We've revise the minimum heights for the title and description on the job cards for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet sizes since the two can overlap if the text characters  of the job description is more than 200.

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